Extreme Networks Switching

Make Every Connection Effortless
ExtremeSwitching provides the Nervous System of the Autonomous Enterprise by Delivering Simple, Secure, and Automated Networks
  • Through a combination of role-based policies, secure link encryption, and hyper-segmentation, we help protect your network from the threat of cyber-attacks and breaches.
  • Combine industry-leading edge to core switches with fourth-generation cloud management to streamline and simplify every aspect of network operations from deployment to support.
  • Do more with less with a network that simplifies on-onboarding of users and devices; accelerates and optimizes scaling and updating; and couples end-to-end provisioning to your business-driven workflows.
For more information visit Extremenetworks.com

Extreme Networks Wireless

Gain a Leading Edge with Cloud-Driven Wi-Fi 6
ExtremeWireless is powered by Cloud, ML and AI to deliver enhanced user experiences with effortless networking
  • High efficiency, high capacity Wi-Fi that utilizes the latest technologies to optimize and protect bandwidth in all environments.
  • Combine the leading Wi-Fi hardware with next-generation Extreme cloud management to simplify every aspect of IT operations from deployment to support.
  • Make the network work for you instead of the other way around with self-driving Wi-Fi powered by millions of actionable insights to continually adapt and adjust performance.
For more information visit Extremenetworks.com

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