Our Story

Islero was the name of a Bull. A bullfighting bull, that in addition to giving its name to a Lamborghini in 1968, became famous for having contributed to the death of the legendary torero, Manolete! Manolete, who until 1947 was the most famous and important living bullfighter! From this comes our focus, our commitment, our history. And this commitment and determination made it possible for us to create a company that will slowly find its place in the world, and will take it.

What we do

We are a team of experts who focus exclusively on cyber and network security. We thoroughly analyze your network, check every possible flaw and criticality and find the most suitable solution for your reality. We have the expertise and tools to guarantee you an efficient and protected network, we have carried out an accurate and timely selection process to identify the best partners for each sector and we have extracted the main strengths from each of them, thus creating a perfect mix of solutions highly efficient and performing.

Let’s have a talk together

If you want to talk of any problem or something else you don’t understood in your network, please call us. We’re here for you and your company.

Via Gallarate 39
20151, Milano (MI)

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